Aspects of Chinese Hacker Information Attacks //中國黑客信息攻擊手段面面觀

Aspects of Chinese Hacker Information Attacks


The so-called information attack is the integrated use of electronic, network, psychological, fire, force and other means, against the enemy’s weaknesses and key information systems, flexible to take appropriate tactics and actively interfere with or disrupt the enemy’s information acquisition, transmission, processing and utilization to maximize the information advantage and weaken the enemy command and control capabilities. It is a soft kill and hard to destroy, integrated use of physical and psychological attacks and other means of attack.

1. Focus on information to deceive and mislead the enemy taking the wrong action
is to take the analog information to deceive, camouflage, feint and other means, implicitly shown true or false, to lure the enemy to take the wrong decisions and actions. Fair in war, deception winning information is an important aspect of the fight against the use of strategy. Recently several high-tech local wars shows that clever use of deception, high technology can effectively confuse enemy reconnaissance, reduce the value of the enemy’s use of information to achieve good move by the enemy, the shape, the enemy will result from.

信息攻击手段面面观 a

The main methods are:
1.1 electronic active enemy deception and confusion
is emitted through a conscious, forward, transform, absorb or reflect electromagnetic waves, so that the enemy misleading when you receive a message. The main take many forms and means of transmitting information, create a false impression, concealed the true fight one’s own intentions, so misjudged the enemy, command failure, operational deployment confusion, reached their ears, impaired nerve head and containment purposes. There are three main ways: First analog electronic deception by simulating forces or capabilities that do not exist, or the ability to simulate real forces or false position against enemy electronic warfare and information on intelligence activities. Secondly posing electronic deception, disinformation or the information directly into the temptation of the enemy communications network to send false commands, false information or indirectly acquire a variety of information needed. Third-induced electronic deception, namely the use of electromagnetic feint, feint and in some troops fit for me to attempt to combat, deployment and operations of implicit shown true or false, to confuse, to mobilize the enemy, both in the secondary direction suddenly the implementation of high-power electromagnetic radiation information can be maintained in a predetermined direction or the main area of fighter electromagnetic shielding, shift focus enemy reconnaissance, reducing stress my main deployment; when I transfer command post or maneuver command, the right amount of information should be organized network in place to continue to work, or the implementation of force, electromagnetic feint in the other direction, a small movable cover a great ship, contain information about the enemy reconnaissance and jamming systems.
1.2 camouflage tactics confuse deception
tactics’ deception, disguise is to use a variety of measures in combination, make full use of the terrain, vegetation, artificial barrier cover, camouflage, smokescreen, camouflage net, paint and other standard equipment or handy equipment and other favorable conditions, setting the anti radar, anti-infrared, anti-reconnaissance comprehensive three-dimensional photoelectric barrier cover, shielding the true position of one’s own goals and action, of no promising, its essence lies hidden truth; or by changing one’s own electronic technology features and changes may have been exposed to one’s own true intentions electromagnetic image, to achieve electronic camouflage deception. Tactical confuse deception, is through interference confuse enemy reconnaissance, surveillance and battlefield observation, direct access to weaken the enemy’s ability to battlefield information, resulting in information overload enemy, increasing the degree of fuzzy information, so that the enemy of true and false information contradictory the enemy, so that action indecision adversely affected by aircraft. Or electromagnetic interference may be implemented over the main direction of serving chaff interference wire, so that confuse enemy radar; the enemy can be infrared, night vision equipment, laser irradiation interfere with their work or make it blinding, can maneuver when the forces to carry out offensive fighter, I am scheduled to enter enemy fighter-zone general or special cast smokescreen to blind enemy interference observed visible and infrared, laser, microwave and other reconnaissance equipment; can also be man-made noise, vibration and magnetic interference such as enemy action plan.
2. Implementation of electromagnetic harassment, destruction of the enemy or prevent the effective use of electronic systems
is the use of electromagnetic harassment electromagnetic radiation, reflection, refraction, scattering or absorption of electromagnetic energy and other means to hinder and weaken the enemy’s effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum against information technology, aimed at preventing enemy electronic equipment and systems to obtain useful information, reduce the enemy’s combat efficiency.
2.1 electromagnetic shutoff
namely full use of electronic warfare units and equipment, flexible use of a variety of means, actively enemy command and communications facilities and weapons control systems implementation of electronic suppression, within a certain time and scope, to make the enemy and its internal and external interrupts radio contact causing chaos fighting each other. The motorized combat electronic warfare force, the number of targets, the location and nature of the use of formula or throwing placed jamming equipment, take aim and blocking interference formula, combining active and passive jamming methods utilize cutoff point, local interdiction, interdiction and other three-dimensional tactical means to actively suppress the enemy’s command and communications network. As I was entering the predetermined area when the enemy fighter electromagnetic shutoff embodiment, can be taken against electromagnetic dimensional and multi-point, internal disturbance outside the cut to form a local electromagnetic advantage, both inside and outside the enemy cut off contact, it is vulnerable to attack, limb, and actively cooperate offensive fighter operations.
2.2 electronic attacks
to electronic warfare as the main force, make full use of vehicle-mounted, knapsack, put style, throwing electronic countermeasure equipment, into a number of groups capable of swimming harassment, the use of flexible battlefield favorable conditions covert maneuvering, timely investigation avowed enemy electronic target location quickly expand to occupy a favorable terrain, choose the best time to implement strong sudden attack, immediately after the withdrawal of tasks; also capable of sending electronic warfare units deep into the enemy near the depth key targets, enemy firepower system, precision-guided systems, C3I systems, airborne electronic equipment such as the implementation of electronic interference.
3. Implementation of network sabotage, sudden attack enemy computer
network sabotage is the use of a variety of offensive and damaging computer software technology, computer systems into a variety of enemy interference, sabotage, or paralyzed by destroying the enemy’s computer as the core information network system to prevent enemy battlefield information acquisition, transmission and processing, they lost the ability to control the battlefield. Under modern conditions, computer technology has penetrated into all aspects of the military field, the computer has become almost all major high-tech and advanced weapons combat system platform. Destroy the enemy’s computer network system is one of the mobile operations of the information against the most critical action.Therefore, the use of professional and technical personnel, the use of a computer or other special equipment, under the unified organization, timing and selection of key key objectives, multiple penetration into the enemy’s computer network to find gaps, and its attack.
3.1 saturation attack
enemies despite widespread use of high-tech digital communications technology to transmit the battlefield information, fast, secure and strong, but its existing equipment more information nodes and the transmission capacity and real-time information sharing with all combat certain gap. For this feature, through various means pouring a lot of waste to the enemy information network, outdated information, false information or refuse to cast the program, manufacturing information flood, blocking, squeeze the enemy information channel, information flow hysteresis enemy, seize enemy cyberspace, it is a long time information network saturation, causing the enemy can not be timely and effective use of network access, transmission, processing and distribution of information, thus weakening the enemy network capabilities. In addition, since the proliferation of information also allows the enemy is hard to determine the authenticity, it is difficult to make valid judgments.
3.2 Virus surprise
that the use of computer information network implementation infiltrate enemy virus attacks. A computer virus is a special preparation, self-replicating computer program transmission, has a hidden, latent, infectious and destructive characteristics, separating a complex virus may take a long time. Therefore, the computer virus attack is to implement a network of the most effective weapons. Press the virus destroys the mechanism can be divided into: seize the resource-based, modify the file type, to eliminate the program type, type of data theft and destruction of hardware type. Its injection mode there are four:
First, directional electromagnetic radiation injection. Computer viruses coming modulated electromagnetic emissions from electronic equipment, the use of enemy radio receiver into the enemy’s weak points from the electronic information network system.
Second, the information network node injection. Namely the use of wireless or wired communication network, the virus injected into the enemy’s battlefield information from the user node network, terminal or device.
Third, the use of pre-latent curing equipment. Through special channels (agents into, instigation enemy programmers, etc.) will be pre-populated enemy virus computer hardware, software programs, operating system or repair tool, activate the remote control by radio during the war, the virus attack.
Fourth, the hacker Descent. Namely the use of computer hackers skilled technology, multiple protection system to bypass the secret enemy tight settings, sneak into enemy battlefield information network penetration attacks, the enemy can pretend superiors or subordinates instruction issued false information or steal confidential data online; and to be enemy implant false data and information networks harmful programs, or formatting the hard disk of a computer, causing the enemy’s information systems paralyzed.
4. The integrated use of a variety of combat forces, attack the enemy in combat node
fist to take measures to deal with the system, and actively enemy important device information system, the implementation of key objectives node hard to destroy, and depending on the location and nature of the different objectives, to take appropriate and flexible means of attack, undermine the overall function of their information systems to achieve the high limit, drop, high system purposes.
4.1 Accurate Fire pits
located on the important goal of the enemy is not easy to interfere with the depth and strength of attacks, taking a variety of means to identify the basis for its position, taking tactical missiles, long-range artillery, helicopter or Air Force rapid mobility, the implementation of pinpoint precision-strike . When circumstances permit, it can also infiltrate enemy reconnaissance squad depth to pinpoint the location of the enemy command posts and other important information node, aviation and other guidance to be destroyed by fire.
4.2 elite penetration attacks
against the enemy’s battlefield information network points, lines long, wide, weak protection features to scout and special operations forces capable grouping a plurality of synthetic penetration combat units in a variety of ways to penetrate the enemy in depth, flexible, arrived in the deployment of nearly enemy reconnaissance information system, in particular the choice is not easy to interfere with important goals and firepower, flexible to take surprise storm or other means to look for an opportunity sabotage enemy headquarters, communications hub, radar technology weapons firing positions and other targets, from fast attack fast, quick.
4.3 Damage commando unit
for the relative concentration of enemy electronic equipment, or high-energy laser weapons can EMP implementation area of damage, with a strong electromagnetic pulse, breakdown, burning enemy of electronic components, damage to protective measures weak radar, communications systems, data processing systems and other electronic equipment.
5. Extensive psychological attacks, the collapse of the morale of enemy combatants
in accordance with changes in the means of psychological warfare under high-tech conditions and the environment, fully aware of the merits of the mental status of the enemy confrontation, practical focus, find enemy weaknesses, psychological warfare plans to develop and maintain an effective psychological warfare resilience and implement effective psychological attacks. The main measures: dissemination of information through the manufacture of a psychological deterrent to the enemy; identify weaknesses in enemy psychology, to ascertain the enemy internal state of mind, constitute troops, personality religion, customs and commanders, hobbies, expertise and the people to fight the enemy attitude, launched various forms of psychological attack, destroyed the enemy psychological defense; using distance artillery, aviation emission leaflets to the enemy; the use of radio as a person or the use of defectors living textbook battlefield propaganda; for the enemy melee fear, fear of psychological casualties, I take full advantage of the effect of fire attack, close combat with the enemy stalemate, killing a large number of the enemy’s effective strength, defeat the enemy spirit, and with the hard-kill effect expand psychological offensive, the enemy accelerate psychological breakdown, for I have entered a predetermined zone of the enemy fighter, should take advantage of sounding political propaganda offensive, which tempts it to abandon unnecessary resistance.

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